Dear Joseph,
Joe and the team were professional, amenable and focussed they seamlessly worked as a team, solved problems and got the job done. I was very impressed with the quality of the communication between the team and ourselves. Damien and Anthony, the ground team, were absolutely professional, kind, attentive to detail and did everything they promised. These guys were fantastic! The thinking that went into producing what we wanted was impressive, every detail was considered, leaving us with a great result (even down to ensuring the car would fit successfully into the space allowed in our tight space.

I had no questions about their integrity and were happy to have the team work in and around the home and use the keys as they needed. Everything went smoothly, all the details were scrupulously considered and the carpentry was first rate. I couldn't be happier with the results! These guys definitely have won our 'tradies of the year' award! Thanks for a wonderful new backyard that we can't wait for summer to enjoy!

Jo, Port Melbourne

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This describes my experience with the work carried out by Joseph The Worker, to renovate and repair our house in a Melbourne suburb, a home built in the 1930s. This was a major project which extended over eight months, from March to October 2017, which was managed by Joseph The Worker while the owners were in Europe, preparing for the move to Australia at the end of October.

The choice for Joseph The Worker was made after a detailed discussion in Melbourne in February in which Joe listened carefully to all the features we wanted to have, and in which he asked good questions to make things clearer and then made proposals and suggestions, while leaving us the space to think about details and make our own decisions. This preparatory process proved to be well done and had a positive effect on the final result.

Another factor in the choice was that on his good web-site, was the statement that JTW aimed to be an ethical tradesman. This was appealing to me, though we know it is one thing to say this, and another to actually practice it, as it is not easy to be.

Then the keys were given to JTW and the work began, while we were far away in Europe. Communications from JTW were very good, full details were shared, by email and phone calls. Making decisions on details was made convenient by the clear, detailed messages. Using a project system with first a project plan and budget for each part or room and then clarifying questions and finally paying one half, before the work was done and the other half was paid after completion of the specific part.

Splitting the big project into many small ones proved a good system and suited me very well. No problems or accounting difficulties took place during the whole period and the work was each time implemented just as promised in each project description. Photos were regularly sent to give an impression of progress. This led to a very good result overall, as it was clear step by step and each item could be understood and discussed.

When we reached Melbourne in October, JTW met us and gave us a professional tour and review of the renovations done, during the 'hand-over'. To see the results with our own eyes was very positive and we were pleased overall with the quality of the work. This applied especially to the new bathroom, the painting and plastering inside and outside. the rendering and the excellent wooden floors. A complex project had been well planned and carried out, by good workmen, chosen and coordinated by JTW.

I can also conclude, after experiencing this whole complex process in close contact with JTW over the months, that the answer to the question, "is JTW an Ethical Tradesman?" is really "Yes, definitely".

-- John and Marion Garbutt From Ivanhoe

I was very happy with the work done by Joe and his team. They are very competent and co-operative tradesmen , they were always punctual and the work was carried out on a daily basis. Each day they left the worksite tidy and the clean up at the end was thorough. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others and would certainly call them again if the need arises.

-- Dianne

My recently completed bathroom reno and garage maintenance was seamlessly completed by Joe and his team. Courteous, respectful of home and occupants, fastidious workmanship, the tradies were always tidy and punctual. Many thanks Joe.

-- B from Eltham

We had been looking for someone to renovate our bathrooms for a while when we came across Joseph the Worker. The name is very apt - a team of hard working, professional tradesmen lead by the very able and knowledgeable Joe. Nothing was too much trouble for this team which transformed 2 tired, old bathrooms into modern and appealing rooms. Joe is reliable, honest and hardworking, and has a cheery disposition - a great recipe for a job well done! Thanks for the new bathrooms Joe. Looking forward to the kitchen reno!

-- Anna & Joe

Joe was great to work with, we would highly recommend him and his team of tradesmen. We asked if he could do a tricky garage renovation and he said "yes we can". Joe did as he said he would: following through to make sure the job was done to a level we were happy with. He was polite and friendly and had some very helpful suggestions.

-- Lisa H

Joe constructed a beautiful cross for the youth of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. His craftsmanship is evident in the Melbourne Youth Cross, and we appreciated his willingness to work closely with us and share his expertise in the design of this project. Thank you!

-- Leeanne, Special Projects Officer, Archdiocesan Office for Youth

We found Joseph the Worker to be just that... hard-working, diligent, responsible, on time and thorough. In our experience when employing tradesmen, they have been 'turned off' by the fiddly, difficult, time-consuming jobs - or quoted outrageously. Not so with Joseph the Worker. With the perpetual cheery face, he would 'bog in' to the task at hand; nothing was too much trouble for him and he didn't avoid the ugly jobs! We have spent many thousands on a leaking roof, had several tradies come and look at it then go away again. Joe was prepared to get up there and give it a go. We have an old Victorian house with uneven floors, walls, awkward nooks and crannies but Joe did a top job on our new kitchen and passageway...AND didn't rip us off!! We can't recommend him highly enough."

-- Tony & Lesa Meese, Heidelberg

I had Joe at my house for over a month. During that period he applied himself to a variety of tasks with diligence and completeness. Joe was always willing to go that extra mile i.e. suggesting a better way to do my paving or even doing some extra research on the best sealant for my pavers. Joe also worked with other suppliers or tradesman that I had on site at any one time. He worked autonomously and was both trustworthy honest - this is something that can't be understated when selecting a tradesperson. Overall, a great experience and Joe certainly does more than just carpentry.

-- Trent Thomas, Highett

Joe's motto is certainly not just words. Our new kitchen had to be installed in a very old room full of crooked windows and walls and limited areas where appliances could be installed. Joe had to work outside the box daily to not only install the kitchen, but also to correct the discovery of mistakes made decades earlier when the house was built. This he did skilfully where others would have cut corners. Joe communicated at every step of the way which meant we were always informed of the works progress and involved in all decisions which was extremely important to us. Joe was reliable, always turning up when he said he would, and his work was honest and detailed, leaving us with a beautiful, quality kitchen we didnt think was possible in this space. Thanks Joe!

-- Thorley Family, Melbourne

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We have an old Victorian house with uneven floors, walls, awkward nooks and crannies but Joe did a top job on our new kitchen and passageway... AND didn't rip us off!!!"

Tony & Lesa, Heidelberg

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